Sat Kirtan on tour with the Shabad ‘Jai Taygang’ vrijdag 14 juni 18.30-21.00

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The Shabad die al zoveel in beweging heeft gebracht in haar eigen persoonlijke leven, die haar hielp om grootst te denken, haar angsten te overkomen.

Sat Kirtan on tour with the Shabad ‘Jai Taygang’
vrijdag 14 juni 18.30-21.00

Bij Kundalini Yoga Friesland in de Schranskerk
Schrans 92, Leeuwarden
Entree 20,- aan de deur.

Neem je een flesje water mee?
Je mag liggen, zitten op de yogamat, kussentje of stoel.

Graag voor aanvang aanmelden bij Jiwan Shakti

Sat Kirtan Kaur Khalsa
Dyan Singh Khalsa


Luister hier naar de Shabad.

Jai Te GangComplete Mantra:
ਸ੍ਰੀ ਕਾਲ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਉਸਤਤਿ ॥
Sree Kaal Jee Kee Austati ॥
ਤ੍ਰਿਭੰਗੀ ਛੰਦ ॥
Tribhaangee Chhaand ॥
ਖਗ ਖੰਡ ਬਿਹੰਡੰ ਖਲਦਲ ਖੰਡੰ ਅਤਿ ਰਣ ਮੰਡੰ ਬਰਬੰਡੰ ॥
Khga Khaanda Bihaandaan Khladala Khaandaan Ati Ran Maandaan Barbaandaan ॥
ਭੁਜ ਦੰਡ ਅਖੰਡੰ ਤੇਜ ਪ੍ਰਚੰਡੰ ਜੋਤਿ ਅਮੰਡੰ ਭਾਨੁ ਪ੍ਰਭੰ ॥
Bhuja Daanda Akhaandaan Teja Parchaandaan Joti Amaandaan Bhaanu Parbhaan ॥
ਸੁਖ ਸੰਤਾ ਕਰਣੰ ਦੁਰਮਤਿ ਦਰਣੰ ਕਿਲਬਿਖ ਹਰਣੰ ਅਸਿ ਸਰਣੰ ॥
Sukh Saantaa Karnaan Durmati Darnaan Kilabikh Harnaan Asi Sarnaan ॥

ਜੈ ਜੈ ਜਗ ਕਾਰਣ ਸ੍ਰਿਸਟਿ ਉਬਾਰਣ ਮਮ ਪ੍ਰਤਿਪਾਰਣ ਜੈ ਤੇਗੰ ॥੨॥
Jai Jai Jaga Kaaran Srisatti Aubaaran Mama Partipaaran Jai Tegaan ॥2॥
Language: Gurmukhi
Source: Dasam Granth

The sword breaks through and cuts down the demons of the mind and body. This beautiful and powerful weapon adorns the battlefield of life.
It is as an extension of the arm, unbreakable, terribly fast, it’s awesome splendor overshadows even the sun.
It protects the peace and happiness of the saints and destroys any powerful negative energy. It has erased the negativity and guilt that I carry. I seek its refuge.
Praise, praise be to the great doer of the world, savior of the creation, my great protector, praise be to the sword!

More Information:
This shabad brings strength, courage and inspiration. This shabad is said to cut through your karma and erase negativity.
Yogi Bhajan gave a lecture all about this shabad on May 7, 1989 – here are some of the pieces of that lecture:
“You sing this shabad, hear this shabad, relate to this shabad, and from a begging bowl poverty, you shall have the royalty, imperial dignity and your grace. And that shall be the God’s gift.
“The notes to this shabad are related to ‘para’ energy. ‘Para’ energy is the basic, if you get into the scriptural definition of God, God is Pran-naat, Giver of the breath of life. Para-Parbraham is the natural name of His all prakashic… what you see, and what you don’t see.
“What should you do? This song of the Guru, this worship of the Guru: Jai Te Gang. I don’t know any other word of it. Neither I can pronounce nor I can sing. Because it sits with me so hard. The moment you say, “Jai Te Gang,” there I go. Beyond that I don’t have to do anything. But if you understand this shabad, and get into the rotation faculty of this sound, it works like a sudarshan chakra. It cuts around karma like something invincible cuts and slaughters the enemy. Oh, you are Americans, and you know better. As the lawn mower mows the lawn. That’s what this shabad is. Try it sometime.”There are three faculties of the shabad. Lie down and sing it, it will affect you differently. Sit down and sing it, it will affect you differently. Stand up and sing it, it will affect you differently. Root, trunk, and blossom, it will act in three faculties differently.
“It is so intoxicating that it intoxicates the entire evil in the human being, this shabad. And once you can get this shabad around you, you are done. It will follow you. That is also the power of this shabad. You can… without uttering and trying to hear, whenever there will be any negativity within the orbit of your life, this shabad will start ringing in your ear. And I think this is the best gift Guru has ever given us. Language is absolutely straight. There’s no duality about it.”
On October 1, 1989, Yogi Bhajan talked about this shabd again. Here is what he said:
“Let me tell you, this shabad is the total property of Guru Gobind Singh, given to us as a gift. And if you find a person very feeble, who has no grit, no courage, no self esteem… I mean, take all the things from alphabetically minus… and you do the job of this shabad, the person will become totally tempered and can cut through any negativity.This is a Mangala Charan of Bhagwati, the Goddess of Power. And in Ardas we say, “Pritham Bhagotee simar kei gur Nanak la-ee dhi-aa-eh.” First we worship the Bhagwati, the goddess of power. God is all powerful, but the channel is Bhagwati. And this is the Mangala Charan of the Goddess Bhagwati. And we normally associate it with a sword.It can temper a person in a courage, a grit and a self-esteem that nothing on the planet… howsoever negative forces may be at work around or for… shall affect. It is most powerful mantra by itself, and this is the only one shabad which is a complete mantra.
Normally mantra is “Ik Aksharee.” One word or two, or maximum, three. That’s all. Beyond that only there are certain mantras which are five, like “Sa- Ta-Na-Ma.” Sat-Nam is five actually because five tattwas are covered. Those are very rare. But, “Kirtan nam jappe mere jivaa satinaam tero peroo purbalo.” God, all Your Names are as in action I see You, feel You, and understand You. But your original Name… which we call as the nucleus Name… that is Sat Nam.
People think that Sat Nam is just something else. Sa-a Ta-a Na-a Ma-a. So there are ten words in it. Ten akhshar in it. There are five tattwas, so it covers you completely and absolutely. It is a scientific situation. There is not something to which we can relate it indifferently other than that.
The mantra she chanted: “Jai Te Gang.” ‘Te Ang.” “Te” stands for “tej,” “taal,” “life.” And “ang” means the “self,” “body.” My arm is the “ang.” “Ang Sang Wahe Guru.” And “te gang,” there is the double “ang-aa” in it. That means you are part of my infinite light, power. And that’s what we call it: “Te gang.”




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