Shakti Dance the Yoga of Dance woensdag 16 december 20.00u in Leeuwarden.

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Woensdag 16 december 20.00-21.15 uur in de Schranskerk.

The Yoga of Dance & Celestial Communication (mantra in beweging)

‘We’ are both Shiva (the dancer) and Shakti (the dance) – both Awareness and Mind. What does that mean? It means that without the capacity to perceive (awareness), the dynamic dancing system of the mind and its physical counterparts would not be activated to dance – and ‘we’ would not exist. It also means that without the dance of the mind, the capacity to perceive and know (awareness) would not be activated – and ‘we’ would not exist.

P1010748It is inherent in the nature of ‘awareness’ (Chit) to lend ‘presence’ (Sat) and ‘harmony/love/bliss/peace’ (Anand) to the dance – as these are three aspects of the same.

When Chit is activated, through the casting of its light of potential awareness on potential matter, fluctuating, animated, dancing consciousness (Chitta) arises. As the nature of Chit is also harmonious, so it tends to inherently ‘guide’ the dynamic of consciousness (or fluctuating matter) into patterns of coherence, resonance and harmony.

This coherence/resonance/harmony, enables consciousness to aggregate with relative proportional and increasingly mathematical complexity so as to create organisms with intensely self-reflecting patterns – such as those with brains. These in turn activate the perceiving/knowing capacity of Chit to spark into higher levels of sentience.

Certain levels of sentience may however then deteriorate, falling into de-cadence, thus devolving – dissipating the intensity of coherent awareness before it has blossomed into its full potential of manifest awareness.

When sentience in a specific individualized aspect of the dance develops towards its fullest potential coherent expression, the awareness imbued in the system of that entity (the dancer/the knower/the observing presence), is also self-reflected to such a degree that it begins to notice its own presence – glinting around the edges of its own dancing experience.

This occurrence further evolves the individualized system to deeper levels of coherent understanding and self-recognition, such that it no longer only identifies with the patterns of the ‘dance’, but it begins to recognize itself also as the silent presence of the ‘dancer’ – glinting through and around the edges of all it perceives – both within and without the central point of reference.

The more an individual system evolves to this level of resonant harmonious self-organization, the more it perceives resonant harmony of circumstance, events and relationships reflected in the universe around it.

There comes a point, when the central focus of such a highly resonant individual system, finds its own centre reflected in all parts of the whole. It knows that the ‘guiding dancer’ (awareness) – the most intrinsic aspect of itself… is indeed the ‘guiding dancer’ of the whole – and will ever be – for as long as the music plays and the dance continues to fluctuate. It also recognizes that it, as the ‘guiding dancer’, does not just live in one small individualized part, or eddy, of the swirling dance, but dwells in, and owns the whole dance – the whole fluctuating manifestation of the intimately woven uni-verse.” – Sara Avtar

Iedereen is welkom, je hoeft niet lenig te zijn of yoga en dans ervaring te hebben.

Wil je meedoen, graag een mailtje voor 14 dec. naar
Uitwisseling €12,50 contant bij entree.
Bij een Kundalini Yoga abonnement van 3 maanden €10,00.

In de Schranskerk, Schrans 92 in Leeuwarden.

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